I woke up today and knew I once again had to follow my passion: bothering strangers until they rip their hair out. I do the same thing every day, and I genuinely love my work. The hours are flexible, I make zero dollars an hour, and I can empty a coffee house in less than ten minutes, surprisingly with something other than my odor.

That’s right: I am a loud typer.

Everyone hates me. I know this because I am screamed at daily. But the pure happiness I get from transforming joy into rage simply cannot be beat. It’s like…

If you think it’s going to fix your life, you’re wrong.

Ella Olson (Pexels)

You’re in your mid-twenties. You realize you’ve gained thirty pounds since you started Door Dashing a Wendy’s 4 for 4 every day. A quick Google search reveals that meal prepping will make you slimmer, healthier, and over time, able to voluntarily leave your couch. Off to the grocery store you go. Your neighbor stares at you in shock: you haven’t left your house in a week. You’re thinking, “Yes! Finally, I can be healthy,” “This will save me time and money,” and “I can’t wait to look like John Cena if he was 5’4.”

As you walk the frozen food…

Carlos Mesa Pla

I am a writer.

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